Marah Funder



Marah manages many of the logistics for our marketing and social media initiatives while simultaneously dedicating most of her time to creating deliverables for our clients to use in their employee education efforts. Marah advises our clients on how to best connect with their unique populations, before drafting, designing, and deploying the discussed benefits-related employee communications.

She joined EBS with eight years of a management and operations background, and three years of social media marketing experience. She managed the Beacon Hill 2nd Time Around store for over 5 years where she spearheaded multiple hiring and training programs for up to 43 store locations. She then moved to a position as a social media manager for a local jewelry store before returning to her roots at 2nd Time Around with a dual position as both the office manager and customer service manager.

Marah’s creativity is off the charts… she could make wedding invitations out of a paper bag. It must be the marketer in her.

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