Video: Rethinking How HR Technologies Work Together for a Better User Experience

by Holly Wright, Director of HR Technology

Fast-moving employers need a more seamless HR technology experience, right now.

In the below video, I describe a situation my client is currently experiencing in using a technology platform that doesn’t play well in the sandbox with another technology vendor. As they described their challenge to me, it got my thinking about an industry-wide dilemma that it can be difficult for all HR technology systems to work well together.

I encourage listeners to ask themselves, when it comes to the technologies and systems I use to be efficient in gaining total visibility into employee data, what utility is going to work best for my organization?

And at the same time, HR technology partners can’t be afraid to open up the back end of their systems and apply an “open source” -style approach to how they’ll solve their customers’ needs for a more holistic, integrated experience, not only for talent and HR leaders but for the end user - the employees.

We, as an industry, are at a turning point. Which is good! It means there’s ample opportunity for technology partners to break things apart, look under the hood, experiment and explore how they can be better, together.