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Take it from us: changing or selecting an HCM solution that fits your organizational goals can be extremely overwhelming, and you don’t always know if you’re ultimately making the right decisions. And knowing what we know about how HR technology can enhance the employee experience, streamline the recruitment process, and assist in further learning and development options for your team (to name a few) – choosing the right HCM software is essential.

EBS has added a Director of HR Technology, Christina Harrold, to walk you through the decision-making and implementation process.

As soon as you partner with EBS, Christina will begin to assess your organization’s HCM strategy as it relates to your larger HR technology goals. She will work with you to address your overall technology needs – from utilizing API connections, to streamlining your current HCM functionality, or helping you navigate the vendor selection process. Christina will operate as a liaison between you and any vendors, beginning in the pre-sales process all the way though post-implementation, aligning your organizational goals with your chose HR technologies. She’ll also be ready to run custom reports for you via broker portals, so you can be armed with the data you need to assess and review your processes. And while we have a completely separate compliance solution, Christina also works with your selected vendor to ensure you’re compliant with various reporting requirements.

Whether you’re tech savvy or a total newbie, you’ll get the unbiased and expert opinion from Christina on how to bring your organization up to speed with everything HR tech has to offer as the availability and accessibility to HR technology partners evolves.



Director of HR Techology LinkedIn

As the Director of HR Technology at EBS, Christina Harrold specializes in consulting and advising our clients in the enhancement of their current technology or, if appropriate, matching them with the best new technology solutions for their needs. Christina provides support to our clients from the discovery phase through post-implementation where needed.



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