In the Health and Welfare division, we recognized that our clients needed a broader, national perspective for their employees than our independent Massachusetts firm could provide on our own. This led to the formation of United Benefit Advisors (UBA) back in 2002. UBA is an exclusive community of the nation’s premier independent employee benefit advisory firms.

Collectively, UBA creates the second largest organization of employee benefit advisors in the United States, with approximately 130 participating member firms. UBA empowers more than 2,000 Partners to both maintain their individuality and pool their expertise, insight, and market presence to provide best-in-class services and solutions.

This national collaboration helps to provide EBS clients with broad geographic market insight, cutting edge benefit tools, technology, and strategies. It helps us:

  • Save you time with tools and services that lower administration costs and free your HR staff to concentrate on strategic objectives and the needs of your employees

  • Save you money through access to tools to help you manage plan costs.

  • Find solutions just for you with personalized service and benefit packages that work in our local market

  • Help you stay ahead through access to UBA’s shared wisdom and national survey data to benchmark your benefit plan

  • Provide trusted, proven advice

The UBA partnership helps us to maintain the independence and autonomy that allows us to provide our clients with the boutique-style service that is synonymous with the EBS brand.

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UBA’s partner firms - national reach

UBA’s partner firms - national reach

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“As an EBS client, we’re able to leverage local networks through their UBA relationship...

…and gain regional benefit trends and region specific insight to support our portfolio companies across the country.”

Karen Santosuosso, Director of HR, ArcLight Capital Partners